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You invest in tech to drive your business forward. We invest in ICT skills development to drive the industry forward. Our Talent Development Programmes mean that everyone wins.

The problem

The ICT space is evolving faster than ever. With many skills in high demand and short supply, you (and many other SA firms) need innovative solutions to access them.

The solution

Paracon’s 6-step talent development framework helps you to understand the gaps in your organisation and what can be done to minimise them.

The solution

Identify skills gap:
We bridge scarce skills gaps

Programme design:
We match talent to fit the right role

Sourcing unconventional:
We look at reskilling existing talent along with actively developing talent

Selection – Quality and scale:
We look at increasing capacity in core areas

Talent development:
We look at learning programs that are made available based on your budgets

Engage easily at work:
We focus on your retention strategy by constantly engaging with talent

Keen to leverage the future of ICT?

Contact us for your perfect talent development strategy.

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