Managed Information Technology Solutions

High-demand or scarce skills are often hard to come by. With our Managed Information Technology Solutions, we give you an entire team to partner with you to deliver full turnkey solutions. We currently offer Automation-as-a-Service, RPA-as-a-Service, DevOps-as-a-Service and SalesforceDev-on-Demand.

We become an extension of your team with a fully managed Build-Operate-Transfer model. A Managed Service from Paracon gives you access to global SMEs to drive productivity, efficiency and cost. Our solutions help organisations to operate smarter and standardise processes across various divisions which contribute to increased collaboration and coordination on strategic projects.

Our Managed Service Offerings



Paracon, through our strategic partners, provides sophisticated custom RPA-as-a-Service implementations to increase unit productivity and eliminate all repetitive tasks from work processes. We provide comprehensive RPA consulting services with experienced professional developers.

RPA is an emerging technology that spans all industries, transforming workflows and processes and having a profound impact on core areas of business such as productivity, efficiency and cost. Our solutions help organisations work smarter and standardize processes across different departments. It helps improve collaboration and coordination within an organisation and improves customer service.

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