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Data Engineer (Cape Town)

We are actively looking for a Data Engineer in Cape Town to join our clients’ cross-functional Data Science team.  You will be responsible for developing and maintaining robust data pipelines capable of handling terabytes of data as well as performing complex data analyses and building predictive models.


You will need to have a relevant Degree (with an outstanding academic record) combined with a minimum of 2 years’ practical working experience in a similar role, and come from a Computer Science or similar background to succeed in this role.


Your skills/experience must include:

  • Experience in a language with a large data-science community (Python or R);
  • Knowledge of common software architectures and development patterns and practices (Microservices, SOLID);
  • Knowledge of the software development lifecycle (Scrum or Kanban) from initial specifications to maintenance and support;
  • Backend development (APIs, messaging, multithreaded systems, scheduling); and,
  • Basic familiarity with DevOps concepts (Infrastructure-as-code, CI/CD).


Send your CV to to apply.

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